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Pre-Christmas Detox: Green Goodness

Christmas is almost here and I'm feeling rather festive!

This time next week, we will all be tucking into our monster-sized Christmas dinners complete with all the trimmings and washing it down with copious amounts of mulled wine. Nomnomnom!

Then, as if we haven't had enough food already, there will be Christmas Pudding, more mulled wine, mince pies, chocolates, even more mulled wine, gingerbread men, cheese, biscuits and savoury snacks before we curl up on the sofa and fall into a heavenly food coma. 

'Tis the season for overindulgence. 

We're all guilty of overdoing it at Christmas and the endless eating, drinking and being merry can leave us feeling tired, sluggish and sloth-like. So, in preparation for the Big Day (because let's face it, I'm going to be eating everything), I'm filling up on delicious and nutritious smoothies to give my body the love and care it needs to survive the Christmas celebrations.

So, here is one of my favourite smoothie recipes to keep you shining bright like the North Star all the way into 2016!

1 ripe banana
1/2 avocado
1 handful of spinach
1/2 stick of celery
1/2 lemon
Dash of apple juice or water
8 ice-cubes

1. Chop the banana, avocado and celery in to small pieces and place in the blender.
2. Add the spinach and squeeze the lemon juice.
3. Add the ice-cubes and a dash of apple juice or water.
5. Blend until smooth. Add more juice or water to reach your desired consistency. 
6. Pour into a lovely large glass and enjoy!

What is your favourite detox smoothie?

10 Steps to Enviable Hair

We would all love to have a full head of thick, shiny Rapunzel-worthy hair but there are factors in our lives that can have a negative effect on hair quality and growth, causing it to become weak, dry and lacklustre. These factors can include nutrient deficiencies, stress, hormonal changes, poor circulation and even over-brushing. So, here are my top tips to encourage optimal hair growth and condition, taking you from hair despair to magnificent mane in 10 easy steps…

Protein Power
Keratin, a substance that provides the strength and structure of hair, is a protein, and our body makes it from the proteins that we eat. So to ensure you have strong hair, eat a variety of protein-containing foods every day: meat, fish, eggs, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds, and dairy products are all good examples. Great ways to get more protein include swapping your morning cereal for scrambled eggs on wholegrain toast, adding a handful of nuts or seeds to your porridge, and swapping your usual snacks for a couple of oatcakes with tahini (sesame seed paste) or a natural yoghurt with added pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

Harmonise Your Hormones
Most women experience some hair loss as they get older. Balancing your hormones can help to minimise these changes. Diet, lifestyle and exercise can make a big difference here. Herbs such as black cohosh and red clover can also help balance hormone levels naturally. Red clover is non-soya based and so is ideal for those who want to avoid soya.

Healthy Fats For Healthy Hair
If you have dry or brittle hair, or a dry or scaly scalp, you could be deficient in essential fatty acids. As most of us know, fat is not all bad, and the essential fats have many vital roles in the body including maintenance of healthy skin, scalp and glossy hair. Oily fish, raw seeds and nuts, cold-pressed flaxseed oil and avocados all supply good levels of healthy fats. Try a mashed avocado with lemon juice and black pepper on a slice of toast for a healthy hair-loving snack.

Ditch The Sugar
Sugar is an ‘anti-nutrient’, meaning it provides no nutritional benefits of its own, and actually uses up nutrients in the body to process it, including those that you need for healthy hair. Refined carbohydrates such as white bread, pasta, white rice and anything else made with white flour have a similar effect, as they have had all the vital nutrients stripped away from them, and are quickly absorbed and turned into sugar in the blood. So replace sugary snacks with a piece of fruit and a few nuts, or try some of the protein-rich snacks mentioned above. Ditch the white carbohydrates and go for whole grain alternatives.

Iron For Strong Locks
One of the primary causes of hair loss in women before menopause is low levels of iron. This results in loss and thinning of the hair all over the scalp, although it can be worse on the top. If this matches your symptoms, ask your doctor to test your ferritin levels (ferritin is the ‘storage’ form of iron in the body). The best sources of iron are meats, beans and lentils, green leafy vegetables and seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds.

Circulation, Circulation, Circulation
One of the reasons for hair loss and poor hair quality can simply be reduced circulation to the scalp, meaning fewer nutrients are available to the hair follicles. Vitamin C and bioflavonoids in fruits and vegetables support healthy blood vessels, so make sure you get at least your five-a-day, if not seven or ten! Spices such as ginger, cinnamon and cayenne can also stimulate circulation and getting regular exercise is important too, as well as for its many other health benefits.

Address Your Stress
Stress and anxiety can also affect our hair and may trigger excess hair loss. Most specifically, a type of hair loss called alopecia areata, where hair starts to fall out in patches, is often related to stress or traumatic events. This could be because stress can disrupt our digestion and absorption of nutrients needed to nourish the hair, and also because stress can affect the circulation to the scalp. So do what you can to avoid it – try yoga or meditation classes, listen to relaxing music, take time to do things you enjoy, and try to eliminate the main sources of stress from your life. Avoid coffee and other caffeine-containing drinks, which trigger the stress hormone adrenaline to be released.

Keep It Natural
Some chemicals in hair treatment products can cause a reaction on the scalp which affects hair growth and quality. Some chemicals can also be drying for the hair. Look for more natural alternatives at your health food store.

Avoid Drastic Weight Loss Diets
Very low-calorie diets are a common trigger of hair loss. Low-calorie diets often do not provide enough essential fats and protein, vitamins and minerals to nourish the hair. If you need to lose weight, it can be far better to choose a healthy eating plan such as a low-GL (low glycaemic load) diet, and make sure you are including protein with every meal and a source of essential fats every day. Taking a multivitamin and mineral can also support your nutrient levels while you are losing weight.

100 brushes a day?
It may go against the old wives’ tale, but too much brushing can actually break the hair and cause more to fall out. Never brush your hair when it is wet – use a wide-tooth comb instead, or ideally leave it to dry naturally before brushing. Tight ponytails or other hairstyles that pull on the hair can also affect its condition and increase hair loss, so avoid these if you can. Ensuring you have regular trims – especially if you have long hair – also reduces breakage and hair loss.

How do you take care of your hair?

Beauty Innovations: 001 Classic Collection

Beauty is more than skin deep...

Every girl knows the importance of a good skin care regime for beautiful, youthful, healthy skin and finding the right products for your skin type is crucial. Luxury British brand 001, inspired by Asian philosophy, combines high-quality natural botanics and science to create formulas that protect skin against the constant attack of the elements and negative effects of daily life.

Created by Ada Ooi, a trained aromatherapist and beauty therapist, 001 uses the principles of traditional apothecary to help to restore skin to its natural, healthy state and prolong ageing, using innovative hybrid methods.

I was kindly given the opportunity to try out two of the products from the 001 Classic Collection, which is an ideal range for a highly-effective daily skin regime.

Active Marine Power Concentrate £49.00

My new best friend! This potent, omega-rich serum contains marine algae, Vitamin C, aloe vera, green tea and citrus oils, so is packed full of anti-oxidants that encourage cell regrowth, pore tightening and skin brightening. It smells amazing (a subtle, fresh citrus smell), leaves my skin feeling beautifully soft and literally works wonders! I can visibly see an improvement in my skin's hydration and elasticity, giving me a desirable radiant glow. It is very indulgent and you only need a small amount to reap all of the benefits! Winner!

How to Use: After cleansing and toning, apply evenly across face and eyes in a circular motion. Follow with moisturiser.

Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner £25.00

I don't often use toner as I've never understood its importance (and I'm not keen on the smell of Lavender) but this product is doing wondrous things to my skin. With 99% pure hydrolat from distilled Lavender, it is perfect for balancing pH levels, refining pores, rehydrating skin and calming redness and blemishes. I am particularly prone to blemishes and in less than a week, it has helped reduced the redness of my problem areas by 70%. I use it daily, morning and night, and it easily fits into my beauty regime - hassle-free! And it is way more than just a toner! It can also be used as a cleanser, a refreshing spritz, face mask and a mist to set make up.

How to Use: Spray directly onto skin or onto a cotton pad, gently sweeping it across your face and neck. For a face mask, soak cotton pads and place on top of skin for 5 minutes.

Other products in the Classic Collection:

Exfoliating and Conditioning Cleanser £23.00
GLA and Anti-Oxidant Rich Cream £53.00
GLA and Anti-Oxidant Balancing Cream £42.00

Available at

Vamp Up Your Winter Wardrobe With Decadent Victoriana

Darkness is taking over more than just the days this season, it has well and truly taken hold of fashion too. The enigmatic Victoriana trend is offering a 21st century take on gothic style and I am in love.

Here's a selection of my favourite pieces from the high street to entice your inner vamp!

1. Billie and Blossom Black Victoriana Lace Top £24.00, Dorothy Perkins
2. Petite Ivory Victoriana Top £24.00, Dorothy Perkins
3. Printed blouse £40, Wallis
4. Gothic Lace Midi Dress £65.00, Oasis
5. Victoriana Embellished Dress £55, Oasis
6. Arrow Drop Earrings £8.00, Oasis
7. Victoriana High Neck Chiffon Top £38.00, Oasis
8. Silk Cotton High Neck Blouse With Lace Detail £125, Karen Millen
9. Black Premium Lace Pencil Skirt £45, River Island
10. Black Lace Embellished Kimono £45, River Island

If you're aiming for less vampire and more vintage, powder pink and stone pieces make for a feminine alternative to gothic Victoriana.

11. Blush Frill Neck Blouse £22, Dorothy Perkins

Homewood Park Hotel, A Home From Home

In the fast-paced world that we live in, it's more important than ever to slow down and make time for yourself. So, my boyfriend and I left the hustle and bustle of London recently to head to the West Country, in search of the perfect place to escape for a relaxing weekend away.

Situated in the idyllic Bath countryside and a short drive from Bath City Centre, Homewood Park Hotel is a beautiful, welcoming Georgian country house with a spa surrounded by acres of award-winning gardens, boasting an attractive and peaceful sanctuary for guests.

Arriving slightly later than anticipated and stressed from motorway traffic, we strolled up the charming driveway - instantly feeling comforted by the country air. We entered the characteristic hallway and were greeted by a lovely receptionist, who gave us information about our stay and showed us to our room. The main house's interior is elegant and chic, but remains true to its heritage with fanciful flourishes of character.

The bedroom, a junior suite, was impressive and immaculate with picturesque views of the countryside. Each of the 21 bedrooms and suites at Homewood Park have been individually designed, furnished and decorated to an exceptionally high standard. From the coordinating floral furnishings and the enormous king-sized bed to the stunning roll-top bath and huge walk-in rainforest shower, everything is spacious and sumptuously comfortable, designed with nothing but opulence in mind.

To make your stay even more special, the hotel can also accommodate those lovely amorous gestures; a rose on the pillow, handmade chocolates or a bottle of Taittinger Champagne. Simple arrange your request with a member of staff and your stay will be that extra bit sweeter.

Once settled, we headed down to the restaurant for dinner. Firstly, we were shown to a cozy bar area furnished in true countryman style to peruse the menu, giving us time to get acquainted with Homewood's signature cocktails. After ordering from the a la carte menu, we were ready to move into the restaurant - a contemporary space oozing grandeur with dark mahogany tables, velvet booths and decorative chandeliers. We took our seats and eagerly awaited for our food.

From the moment the homemade rosemary bread touched our lips, we were in foodie heaven! For starters, we ordered octopus carpaccio and ham hock with homemade black pudding. Both were divine, interesting and set the bar high for the next courses. For mains, we ordered Wiltshire venison and salt marsh lamb with sides of hand cut chips, sauté spinach and green beans. The meats were cooked to perfection and mouth-wateringly tender, with each component of the dish truly complementing the other. For the closing act, we opted for spiced roast pear oat crumble and carrot cake - and once again, we were not disappointed. Both desserts were flavoursome, indulgent and comforting - the perfect finish.

Dining at Homewood Park was immensely pleasurable. Each course was exquisite and perfectly executed, and every plate seemed to better its predecessor. Hats off to the chef! We must also mention the wonderful service from the waiting staff, who brought together the whole experience.

The following morning, we returned to the restaurant for breakfast. We were told to help ourselves to the lovely continental selection of cereal, pastries, juices and fruits until our hot breakfasts arrived. Being British, we opted for the Full English (what better way is there to start the day?) and enjoyed every mouthful.

Savouring our last few hours before checking out, we made our way to the spa. The modern space hosts an inviting hydrotherapy pool with underwater lounging areas, 2 treatment rooms offering a selection of luxury Elemis treatments for the mind, body and soul, a sauna and a moood-enhancing steam room studded with beautiful twinkling lights. Comfortable loungers line the outside of the room and there is also an outdoor heated pool for those who want to fully embrace the great outdoors. Small but perfectly formed, the spa is the ideal way to keep reality at bay.

Final words..

Our stay at Homewood Park Hotel was blissful. A beautiful escape to the country.

Rooms available from £125 per night

Restaurant Prices £££ (but worth every penny!)

Homewood Park Hotel & Spa
Abbey Lane

Get Sassy With Sisley This Season

There's nothing that makes us more happy than the Season of Shimmer! Sequins, glitter and iridescent beauty products are out in force once again and I cannot contain my excitement.

So, to give your wardrobe an extra-luminous touch without veering into disco ball territory, here are a few of the chicest metallic makeup must-haves that will provide a seamless transition from desk to dance floor.

Sisley’s Phyto-Eye Twists - £29

Packaged as a fun, zebra-print jumbo pencil, the deep, magnetic colours outline and transform the eyes with a single stroke. Khaki, Steel and Lagoon are the perfect Autumn/Winter shades as they offer dramatic colour with a subtle shimmer. Smudge-proof and durable, the gliding, waterproof texture allows an ultra-easy application and a flawless hold all day long. Use it as an all-over base for a more intense effect or as an eyeliner.

My fave: Khaki

Sisley’s Phyto-Ombre Glow - £31

For an even more intense shimmer effect on the eyelids, use Sisley’s Phyto Ombre Glow. An ultra-soft formula enriched with plant-based extracts, this shadow is light and kind to the delicate areas around the eyelids, but is also long-lasting. Formulated with illuminating effects to make eyes dazzle, it can be used as a single colour or is easily blended to create a variety of looks.

My fave: Pearl

Sisley's Phyto-Lip Star - £32.50

No makeup look is complete without a perfect pout. Phyto-Lip Star is a glimmering gloss that creates a stunning volumizing effect. Unlike most shimmer lip glosses, it doesn't feel gritty on the lips - instead, it leaves them looking magnified and beautifully iridescent. Choose from a selection of glamorous and ultra-radiant sheer shades that are comfortable to wear and non-sticky. So, pucker up!

My fave: Deep Tourmaline

Shine on, beautiful people!

Super Sukin! Skincare Packed With Super Green Goodness

Now, we are well aware of the internal health benefits of super foods but what can they do for our external health, applied directly to our skin?

Formulated in Australia, Sukin is a natural beauty brand offering a range of luxurious yet affordable products crafted using ingredients that are the best nature has to offer.

New for Autumn 2015, Sukin’s Super Greens range consists of 4 face products – a Detoxifying Clay Masque, a Detoxifying Facial Scrub, a Facial Recovery Serum and a Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser. Heralded for their plethora of benefits, super foods are finding their way into every day diets and now into skincare. Sukin’s Super Greens range features handpicked actives - kale, spirulina, parsley, chlorella, acai, avocado and goji, and is designed to brighten, plump and boost the health of your skin in the best way possible, promoting a healthy glow and a clean, radiant complexion.

Detoxifying Clay Masque £9.99 (100ml)

A clay-based masque infused with kale, spirulina, avocado oil and parsley, offering a super green blend of detoxifying antioxidants and vitamins to promote healthy, youthful skin.

This product is a beauty must-have and an absolute pleasure to wear! Not only does it smell amazing, invigorating all senses, it is very easy to apply. Simply use your fingertips to smooth all over the face and leave until the clay is dry to touch (approx. 20 mins). Then rinse with warm water. Instantly, your skin feels cleansed, refreshed and revitalised.

Facial Recovery Serum £13.99 (30ml)

A refreshing daily facial serum with detoxifying green actives of kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley to restore a healthy glow.

A light-weight formula, apply this product before moisturiser. It gives a lovely dewy complexion (which I love), minimises the appearance of pores and keeps makeup looking fresh for longer. Skin feels healthier, smoother and smells fantastic. And as a serum is concentrated goodness and penetrates deep into the skin, a little bit goes a long way!

Detoxifying Facial Scrub £9.99 (125ml)

A blend of kale, spirulina and parsley promote a healthy, glowing complexion while jojoba beads and bamboo gently exfoliate the skin.

As a rule, I am not a fan of facial scrubs as they tend to irritate my skin. However, the Detoxifying Facial Scrub provides a very gentle polish, using micro jojoba beads and ground bamboo, to remove impurities and bring new life to your complexion. Skin looks bright, smooth and feels incredibly soft.

Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser £9.99 (125ml)

A light-weight daily moisturiser enriched with kale, spirulina, chlorella and parsley. Acai and goji berry extracts supply antioxidants to the skin while rose hip, avocado and jojoba lock in moisture.

This refreshing gentle moisturiser is not too heavy on the skin yet hydrating enough to be used as a day and night cream. Bursting with natural goodness, skin is left feeling hydrated, soft and looking beautiful.

Sukin is available from Holland & Barrett stores.

Eye Of Horus' Baked Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes Have Truly Caught My Eye

The eyes are the window to your soul - and I love nothing more than to make pretty our peepers. So, when I'm presented with a palette of shimmering shades, I fall deeply in love...

Eye of Horus' award-winning Baked Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes awaken your inner Goddess and allow you to make a statement with eyes that entice.

With warm bronzy hues, as well as cool, icy shades, these four palettes are the perfect accessory for your Autumn / Winter wardrobe. Rich in essential oils and natural waxes, the eyeshadows come in striking shades with smudge-proof staying power. Based on ancient Egyptian formulas using ingredients such as Moringa Oil, each palette ensures a fabulous finish whilst simultaneously caring for the skin.

With the ability to be used both wet and dry, there is no end to the looks you can create with these decadent velvety shades.

The luminous Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette boasts an impressive array of shimmering metallic shades, allowing you to channel the look of the Sun Goddess herself. A stunning combination of bronze and rusty hues, this is the ideal transitional palette to ease you into the winter season. Rose gold shade, Enigma Myst swept across the lid provides a stunning wash of colour, perfect for adding some sparkle to a gloomy Autumnal day. Take the look up a notch with Chalice Bronze and Sacred Husk, two gorgeous bronze hues that will equip you with an enticing gaze.

For a subtler, yet equally alluring look, the Maat Sultry Shadow Palette has a fabulous blend of warm chocolatey colours. Perfect for every day the subtle taupe shade, Ankh Odyssey, blends seamlessly with rich coffee hue, Dark Dynasty for a wonderful matte look. Pearly shimmer, Amarna Light, adds a glistening to the look that’s sure to turn heads.

Other palettes include:

Sekmet Smokey Goddess Eyeshadow Palette - seductively delivers a sultry eye look with grey tones.

Sheba Mystical Goddess Eyeshadow Palette - deep plum shades to mystically reflect the moon and the sun.

Beauty is in on the eye of the beholder.

Eye of Horus’ palettes are now available to buy on priced at £22.50 each.

What's Your Aura-Soma?

Our sense of smell plays an important role in our daily lives, from productivity, concentration and triggering memories to romance, dreams and enhancing mood. So, choosing the right perfume for you may have a positive affect on more than just your scent.
The Aura-Soma Pegasus fragrances range includes eight perfumes, each one produced using 100% natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers. Ethically produced with love and intention, Aura-Soma perfumes are dedicated to supporting a healthy and harmonious future. They use visual and non-visual energies of colour in each of their perfumes to evoke emotive and sensory responses, as well as capturing the beautiful scents of the natural extracts.
In a marketplace that has become dominated with perfumes made using synthetic chemicals, fixatives and solvents, Aura-Soma is keen to go back to embracing the subtleties and complexities of using purely natural and organic materials, giving us fragrant blends that are soft, well-rounded and pure.
Parfum 58 – Bergamot, Lime, Geranium, Basil, Lavender, Black Pepper, Rose, Sandalwood, Vetivert
This scent is very fresh and perfect for daytime wear. It is light, uplifting and relaxing thanks to the bergamot and lavender notes, yet peppery and aromatic, creating a stimulating and comforting scent.
Parfum 80  – Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lily, Carnation, Cinnamon, Benzoin, Rose, Vanilla
A beautiful fragrance that will attract so much love! There is a gentle warmth to this perfume that is sweetened by the rose and vanilla notes. This perfume is so lovely and subtle that is can be worn at any time of the day.

All perfumes are priced at £85.
Available at

Butterfly Twists - Saving Our Soles!

I love nothing more than to strut around in a fabulous pair of heels but sometimes, I need to give my delicate lady feet a bit of respite. (I hear impromptu gasps of shock)!

Worry not, ladies - I'm not telling you to reserve your fashionable footwear for weekends only and reach for the ugly, clunky flats (unless you're channeling your inner ugly-chic). I've have found a solution that will save your soles without compromising your impeccable style!

Butterfly Twists are some of the highest quality, comfortable and stylish flats on the market – each shoe is made with a buttery-soft memory foam insole to cushion the foot. The brand is on a mission to prove that, when it comes to women’s shoes, comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Fashion does not have to be a punishment (unless you want it to be, then that is a different matter).

Perfect for the average woman about town, these foldable beauties are ready to be your saviour after a long day in the office in heels, but equally can be worn all day as a smart flat alternative.

Once on, you would have no idea that the shoes are foldable - no banana feet, no crease lines and no digging into the backs of your heels - appealing to both your fashion-conscious and comfort-seeking nature. Easily fitting into the average handbag, each pair comes complete with a drawstring bag, making them your ideal companion day or night.

My future is full of folding flats - is yours?

Each pair is priced between £25 and £70.

My favourites: 
Gabriella Loafers in Black (£70) and Zara Ballet Pumps in Black and Gold (£35)

Also available at House of Fraser, Sole Trader, Joy, Office, and

For The Love of Fashion: Interning

So, you’ve made it. You’ve actually secured a position as an intern at a well-established fashion house! Life. Complete. Now, you don’t want to waste this opportunity and be tossed aside like last season’s kimono, so it’s essential that you make a long-lasting impression that guarantees you your perfect PAID position at the end (Woo!). After all, fashion is your God so be ready to worship His every single need. If not, there is always someone else willing to fill your heels…

4am: Wake up at ridiculous o’clock, it will not matter that you’ve only had 3hours sleep (that’s what a good concealer – and coffee - is for!). You will need to spend time planning your outfit. What will it be?

8am: Arrive at the office. Expect them to get your name wrong, and don’t get angry. Nobody likes a bitchy intern and Sophie’s a nice name, isn’t it? So it doesn’t really matter that your parents call you Stephanie, you now have an enigmatic alter-ego.

10am: Get acquainted with the photocopier, and the barista at the local Starbuck’s (she will also need to know your order off by heart). They are your new best friends, your ‘Superhero Powers’. It’s never ‘just another coffee run’. Caffeine is a necessary life ingredient, so if you quickly accomplish this invaluable life skill, you can’t lose.

12pm: You swiftly move on to Wardrobe. Worry not! It may currently resemble Primark in the sales: an explosion bursting with designer clothes, crystal-encrusted dresses, vintage handbags, delicate clutch bags, clothes hangers, boxes and bubble wrap, but just wait until you whip out that organisation wand. Alphabetical order by Designer, colour order, too beautiful for words! Wait. What’s that? Someone has just brought back more samples… Oh.   

3pm: It’s time to do the returns. Chanel. Dior. Tom Ford. Herm√®s. Miu Miu. Obviously, you’ve brushed up on your pronunciation and get the names spot on (WINNING!) Unfortunately, your hair is now frizzy, your make-up a mess, frankly you look like you’ve been dragged through a bush backwards. And your feet are throbbing. But don’t think of it as pavement torture. Think of it as knowledge. You are becoming indispensible!

4pm: You hear the urgent click-clacking of shoes through the office, a definite 9 on the heel-clacking scale. You’re asked to call up PR companies and pull samples for tomorrow’s shoot. Time to shine! If you do it right, they may even ask you to go on shoot one day….

6pm: You get given your first make-up freebie and you feel like you’ve just given birth to your first child. Cherish this moment. You are becoming accepted into the Fashion World. More importantly, you are one step closer to ‘borrowing’ those Jimmy Choo’s for your birthday party.

It doesn’t matter that you never have a good night’s sleep. It doesn’t matter that you have blisters and bunions and all the gross things that come with wearing heels all day. It doesn’t matter that a McDonald’s cashier is earning more than you. At least you have fashion, and interning is a fashion rite of passage.

But fashion’s a bitch, Darrrhling.

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