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Butterfly Twists - Saving Our Soles!

I love nothing more than to strut around in a fabulous pair of heels but sometimes, I need to give my delicate lady feet a bit of respite. (I hear impromptu gasps of shock)!

Worry not, ladies - I'm not telling you to reserve your fashionable footwear for weekends only and reach for the ugly, clunky flats (unless you're channeling your inner ugly-chic). I've have found a solution that will save your soles without compromising your impeccable style!

Butterfly Twists are some of the highest quality, comfortable and stylish flats on the market – each shoe is made with a buttery-soft memory foam insole to cushion the foot. The brand is on a mission to prove that, when it comes to women’s shoes, comfort and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Fashion does not have to be a punishment (unless you want it to be, then that is a different matter).

Perfect for the average woman about town, these foldable beauties are ready to be your saviour after a long day in the office in heels, but equally can be worn all day as a smart flat alternative.

Once on, you would have no idea that the shoes are foldable - no banana feet, no crease lines and no digging into the backs of your heels - appealing to both your fashion-conscious and comfort-seeking nature. Easily fitting into the average handbag, each pair comes complete with a drawstring bag, making them your ideal companion day or night.

My future is full of folding flats - is yours?

Each pair is priced between £25 and £70.

My favourites: 
Gabriella Loafers in Black (£70) and Zara Ballet Pumps in Black and Gold (£35)

Also available at House of Fraser, Sole Trader, Joy, Office, and

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