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Eye Of Horus' Baked Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes Have Truly Caught My Eye

The eyes are the window to your soul - and I love nothing more than to make pretty our peepers. So, when I'm presented with a palette of shimmering shades, I fall deeply in love...

Eye of Horus' award-winning Baked Goddess Eyeshadow Palettes awaken your inner Goddess and allow you to make a statement with eyes that entice.

With warm bronzy hues, as well as cool, icy shades, these four palettes are the perfect accessory for your Autumn / Winter wardrobe. Rich in essential oils and natural waxes, the eyeshadows come in striking shades with smudge-proof staying power. Based on ancient Egyptian formulas using ingredients such as Moringa Oil, each palette ensures a fabulous finish whilst simultaneously caring for the skin.

With the ability to be used both wet and dry, there is no end to the looks you can create with these decadent velvety shades.

The luminous Isis Sun Goddess Shadow Palette boasts an impressive array of shimmering metallic shades, allowing you to channel the look of the Sun Goddess herself. A stunning combination of bronze and rusty hues, this is the ideal transitional palette to ease you into the winter season. Rose gold shade, Enigma Myst swept across the lid provides a stunning wash of colour, perfect for adding some sparkle to a gloomy Autumnal day. Take the look up a notch with Chalice Bronze and Sacred Husk, two gorgeous bronze hues that will equip you with an enticing gaze.

For a subtler, yet equally alluring look, the Maat Sultry Shadow Palette has a fabulous blend of warm chocolatey colours. Perfect for every day the subtle taupe shade, Ankh Odyssey, blends seamlessly with rich coffee hue, Dark Dynasty for a wonderful matte look. Pearly shimmer, Amarna Light, adds a glistening to the look that’s sure to turn heads.

Other palettes include:

Sekmet Smokey Goddess Eyeshadow Palette - seductively delivers a sultry eye look with grey tones.

Sheba Mystical Goddess Eyeshadow Palette - deep plum shades to mystically reflect the moon and the sun.

Beauty is in on the eye of the beholder.

Eye of Horus’ palettes are now available to buy on priced at £22.50 each.

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