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Heavenly Hair: Ena Salon

We’re a society that’s obsessed with perfection. And that doesn’t stop when it comes to hair. From a young age, we’re subconsciously surrounded by images of hair beauty. (You only have to look back at any Disney Princess to see that they are all perfectly coiffed - this must be why they always get the Prince). 

Hair has many magical powers. It’s not just protein and amino acids, it’s protection. It also becomes a tool for flirting, a tool for play, and an indicator of emotions. We spend billions each year on its upkeep because it symbolises health, youth and beauty… But perfect hair starts with the perfect cut.

I don’t know about you but over the years, I have become rather protective of my long locks. It pains me to let a stranger in a salon near it with their sharp tools. So, when I arrived at Ena Salon in Holborn, I was anxious but I knew it was in my hair’s best interest to have a good chop.

I was introduced to my stylist, Woody, for an informal consultation and I instantly felt at ease. Noticing the family photos at each cutting station, I felt like I was amongst friends. I told Woody what I wanted and he listened, advising me on what would be best for my hair. So, first things first: shampoo and hair treatment time. Ena uses Davines products and offers an impressive selection of treatments, all eco-friendly, that are suitable for all types of hair. I opted for a Natural Tech Nourishing treatment, specially designed to repair damaged hair. 

After a mind-blowing head massage (believe me, it was that good), I was prepped for my cut. With expert precision, Woody began working his magic. He started with the length, meticulously ensuring that each strand was perfectly level, then added longer layers to give the hair movement and focused on feathering the hair around my face. 

Following the cut, Woody used a paddle brush to blow dry my hair straight, while giving me tips about how to achieve the same look at home. I could already see that the heath had been restored in my hair and I was dying to run my fingers through it. After a quick straighten and triple-checking that he was happy with his work, I was able to inspect it myself. The final result? Beautifully sleek, shiny and healthy hair kept at the length that I wanted. It looked, felt and smelt amazing, I literally felt like a new women (pardon the cliché)! 

My verdict: 10/10

Throughout the cut and styling, Woody used several Davines products including All in One Milk, Momo Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Protection Fluid, Absolute Beautifying Potion and Melu Mellow Thermal Protecting Shield, which help to protect the hair. 

Ena’s Top Tips for Beautiful Hair at Home

Wave goodbye to bad hair days and say hello to hassle-free hair!

1. Blast the hair dry by at least 80% before applying product.
This stops the product from being diluted in the hair, helping it do its job. Plus, you’ll use less product…

2. Start in the area you find most difficult.
Maybe you have a cow’s lick or a really rebellious hair line. Get the problems sorted first and you’re onto a winner.

3. Have the air pointing downwards.
That will stop it going frizzy and collapses the cuticle to make it shiny. The more tension you have on the hair, the smoother it will be.

4. Blow-dry slowly.
Stretch the hair by wrapping it around the head. Heat it, then place it into position and allow it to cool, which will help it set.

5. Cooling down sets the hair.
Dry the roots then focus on the ends. Try to have the handle of the brush facing forward at all times, it should help to make it a more even blow-dry. 

Prices for a cut and blow-dry start at £59.

Ena Salon
5 Great Queen Street, Holborn, London WC2B 5DG.

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