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A Morning With L'Oreal Paris

On Monday, I left my beauty regime at home and placed it in the capable hands of L'Oreal Paris. A drizzly, grey Monday morning, I ventured into Soho to their pop-up beauty bar for the launch of their new Studio Pro range.

I was warmly welcomed by the team and immediately shown to the breakfast bar laden with croissants, pastries, fruit pots and salmon bagels... I almost cried with joy. To be greeted with food, especially on such a miserable day, is pretty much equivalent to bumping into Beyoncé in your local Costa.

After drooling over my morning treats, my first port of call was the nail station. It was ManiMonday, after all. I made myself comfortable while the nail artist showed me a selection of the Color Riche L'Huile shades, L'Oreal's new oil-based nail varnishes.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful bottles - the chic glass-cut designs make it feel like a true luxury. Then I was drawn in by the vibrant array of colour. I always instinctively go for nudes and mushrooms, as they are so versatile, but I thought I'd spice things up a bit and see how my nails looked with a splash of colour.

The nail artist shaped, tidied and buffed away then began to apply my chose colour - Green Absinthe. In one stroke, I fell in love. So in love that the girl at the station next to me chose the same colour! As well as being the perfect transitional shade as we head into Spring, it has the perfect price tag and retails for only £4.99.

The ease of application, the depth of colour and the beautiful shine surpasses any other nail varnish that I've tried on the high street. I've been wearing it for 5 days now and it's still almost perfect. I will definitely be stocking up when it hits the beauty counters in March.

Never underestimate the power of a good manicure.

It was then time to move on to the hair station. My hair is so long and thick that I very rarely experiment with different styles. Straight, curly or messy up-do's are about all I can manage but being  in L'Oreal's creative hub and surrounded by so many great images of gorgeous styles, I was inspired to try something new (not that I was going to be the one styling it, of course). After a chat with the hair stylist, we decided to go with a soft 40s inspired wave.

My hair was curled, set and finished off the new Studio Pro Boost It Volume Hairspray. After waiting for it to cool, the curls were unravelled and brushed out to create loose waves that framed my face. A final spritz of the Studio Pro Lock It Fixing Hairspray and my new style was complete. Although there were products in my hair, the style was fixed but didn't feel hard - which is exactly what you need in a hairspray. That, and the fact that I felt like I'd just stepped out of an old Hollywood movie, means I will definitely be adding Studio Pro to my hair wardrobe.

As far as Monday's go, this day was definitely up there with the best. 

Have you tried L'Oreal's new products yet?

Skincare Secrets: Cleanse, Jolt And Juice

There's more to skin health than just slapping on a bit of moisturiser every now and again. Diet, lifestyle and a good skincare regime all contribute to the overall appearance of our complexion. So, if we want to improve the condition of our skin and continue to look youthful, fresh-faced and blemish-free as we age, it's important to invest in our general health and choose a skincare regime that works for us.

Our skin is irreplaceable. It does an amazing job at protecting us but life is not always as kind. It endures so many different stresses on a daily basis and whether you're 21, 41 or 61, your skin will benefit from a bit of love. Well-protected and nourished skin will remain healthier for longer and will have a more youthful appearance. Let's face it, we would all like to still look good when we're pensioners.

So, to slow down the inevitable process of ageing, Time Bomb has created a collection of breakthrough formulas to help us 'stop the clock'. The range was created to target our skin's four deficiencies as it ages: loss of the ability to shed skin, loss of moisture, loss of oil and loss of collagen.

I was recently given the opportunity to try out their Skin Energising Kit and have been using their three-step regime for over two weeks now. Using the trio of products dubbed the 'workaholics', it has been super easy regime for me to adopt and I have started to see a visible improvement in my complexion.

Step 1: Cleanse Time Bomb Take-Off Time Cleansing Cream

Your skin naturally sheds its dead cells but over time, this process slows down which means your complexion can become dull, dry and uneven. So, to ensure your skin remains healthy and glowing, it is important to regularly cleanse and buff. With unique dermatological polishing crystals, the Time Bomb Take-Off Cleansing Cream buffs and brightens by gently lifting dirt and dead skin cells that can clog up your pores.

I am often wary of applying products to my face that have exfoliation crystals in them as my skin can become sensitive, but the Cleansing Cream has been kind to me and we have become very good friends. It's a lovely, refreshing way to start the day and unlike some cleansers that I've previously used, it cleanses without drying out my skin. The creamy formula feels and smells amazing and has definitely improved the clarity of my complexion. I apply it in the morning with my fingers and gently massage in circular motions, then rinse with warm water. The brand recommends using polishing pads but I prefer a more gentle exfoliation, so using it as it is works perfectly for me.

Step 2: Jolt Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail

We live in a society that is constantly on-the-go. Everybody everywhere seems to be busy, busy, busy with not enough time for proper respite. A tired and fatigued body only leads to one thing: inefficiency.  Amongst other things, tiredness causes slower blood circulation, which impacts skin cell performance and leaves us with pale, lifeless skin. To combat the effects of a busy life, Time Bomb Complexion Cocktail reboots the skin's natural energy production and tone in the form of a potent tonic loaded with nourishing B Vitamins, centella and ginseng.

When I'm tired, my skin is first to feel the wrath of my neglect so I was intrigued by the claims of the Complexion Cocktail. I'll admit, I've never fully committed to using a toner everyday so this has been something new for me and my skincare regime. I've since discovered that my skin takes well to being rebooted and the Complexion Cocktail has done wonderful things to my skin, leaving it fresh and revitalised. It feels light to touch and smells amazing, which makes it a pleasure to wear. After using the Time Bomb Take-Off Cleansing Cream, I saturate a cotton pad and apply the product to dry skin in circular motions.

Step 3: Juice Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil

Our skin produces its own oils to stop it from drying out, but this ability is reduced with age. So, in order to keep skin properly hydrated, we need to replace the oils. Designed to mimic your skin's natural sebum, Time Bomb Youth Juice Secret Oil penetrates the skin to protect, replenish and seal in natural moisture.

I am already a self-confessed oil lover for many reasons, so the Youth Juice Secret Oil slipped perfectly into my life. A unique blend of 11 oils including olive, kukui, avocado and jojoba, the Youth Juice Secret Oil is a light, hydrating formula that is quickly absorbed by the skin. After using the Time Bomb Complexion CocktailI apply a small amount to my face using my fingertips and allow it to penetrate my skin before applying my normal moisturiser. I really like this product because it smells beautiful and leaves my skin looking fresh and dewy. It has also given me more confidence going bare-faced as my skin looks healthier and naturally more radiant. Also, if I'm applying makeup, it provides a well-hydrated, smooth base. 

Overall verdict: 5/5 a lovely, refreshing skincare regime that is perfect for daily use.

The Skin Energising Kit is currently priced at £61 £40 and is available at

Weekend Treat: Maison Talbooth

Imagining the ultimate dreamy night away from the stresses of life? Well, there’s no need to imagine because it’s right here.

One of Essex’s most enchantingly romantic secrets with stunning views of Dedham Vale, Maison Talbooth is the perfect escape to the country. Wrapped in opulence and style, the beautiful Victorian manor house hosts 12 luxurious suites, 3 with their own private hot tubs, each exuding undeniable character and old English charm with the luxury of every modern amenity.

Complete with a heated outdoor pool and hot tub, encompassed in an elegant pool house with a private bar, it’s undeniably the most perfect place to relax and indulge. With a day spa offering an extensive list of Dermalogica treatments for men and women, guests should prepare to be pampered! From customised facials and intense moisturising body wraps to relaxing massages and holistic treatments, there’s a personalised experience for everyone. And for those who wish to partake in a slightly more strenuous activity, head over to the tennis court and awaken your inner Murray.

The suites are sophisticated and serene, with calming neutral interiors and rich furnishings. Each has a super king-sized bed, complete with a luxury goose feather duvet and Egyptian cotton sheets, creating an idyllic dream setting. The spacious and light marble bathrooms are impeccably finished with stylish features, with some also hosting large bathtubs, double sinks and walk-in showers.

A short walk away and with a private chauffeur service for in-house guests, Le Talbooth is the hotel’s award-winning riverside restaurant, offering majestic views of the River Stour. Fine dining at its best, the spectacular views are the ultimate complement to the delectable cuisine. The menu consists of an array of gourmet delights, including poached lobster samosas and beef Rossini amongst other classic and contemporary creations. At the heart of dining experience are the outstanding members of staff, who guarantee a personalised experience and ensure that every need is effortlessly met, the most adorable surprise being a treasure box of specially selected handmade after-dinner chocolates.

Prices from £210 per night
My favourite suite: Masefield

Maison Talbooth
Stratford Road, Dedham
Colchester, Essex

Talking Fashion With Lucy Watson

With a gorgeous jewellery collection, a successful book and an envious amount of sassiness and style, Lucy Watson has proved that she is more than just a reality TV star. So, I met with the Made In Chelsea knockout at a swanky East London hotel to talk fashion and her style inspiration.

You were previously the face of Lipsy’s VIP collection. Do you shop on the high street or do you prefer to buy designer labels?

Yes, I do shop on the high street. I do both. I tend to buy my clothes from the high street, I love All Saints and Zara. When I buy handbags or investment pieces, I get them from a designer.

What are your top tips for mixing the two together? 

If it’s an investment piece like handbags or shoes, then it’s worth it to spend a bit more money. For me, clothes come and go through summer and winter so they don’t last as long as an investment piece.

In three words, how would you describe your style?

I guess it’s a little bit punky, a bit boho but it still has a girly edge to it.

What are your fashion do’s and don’ts?

I can’t generalise because I do think everyone has their own taste and it’s up to that person what they like. I think you just have to work with your figure.

What part of your figure do you like to enhance? 

I’m a little bit curvier than people might think, so I like to nip in at the waist and accentuate that.

Who’s your fashion icon?

I love Mary Kate Olsen. She always looks like she just throws things together and she hasn’t really put much thought into it. I’m sure she has but she looks effortlessly chic.

You always look flawless on MIC. Do you have any beauty tips for us?

I think skin care is really important. I always take my make up off before I go to bed and I don’t like to wear too much make up. I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s different for photo shoots and appearances but on the show, I don’t like wearing too much foundation. I like to keep my look natural. So my top tip is to always look after your skin.

What was your inspiration for your new jewellery brand, Creature? 

I really like the word creature. I’m an animal lover as it is but I like the word more because if you look it up in the Urban Dictionary, it means someone who is unique and a bit of a freak. I like that because everyone has got their unique ways about them and I like it when someone has something weird about them. So I looked at some animals, took some of their unique features and made it into jewellery.

Do you have a favourite piece in the collection?

Yeah, I have a necklace which stands out. It’s tiger teeth with both silver and gold plating, the two-tone works really well. 

‘Rah or Nah’, a game of quick fire fashion!

The 90s trends. 



Matching separates.

Leopard print.

Wearable art.



Crop tops.



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