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A Morning With L'Oreal Paris

On Monday, I left my beauty regime at home and placed it in the capable hands of L'Oreal Paris. A drizzly, grey Monday morning, I ventured into Soho to their pop-up beauty bar for the launch of their new Studio Pro range.

I was warmly welcomed by the team and immediately shown to the breakfast bar laden with croissants, pastries, fruit pots and salmon bagels... I almost cried with joy. To be greeted with food, especially on such a miserable day, is pretty much equivalent to bumping into Beyoncé in your local Costa.

After drooling over my morning treats, my first port of call was the nail station. It was ManiMonday, after all. I made myself comfortable while the nail artist showed me a selection of the Color Riche L'Huile shades, L'Oreal's new oil-based nail varnishes.

The first thing I noticed was the beautiful bottles - the chic glass-cut designs make it feel like a true luxury. Then I was drawn in by the vibrant array of colour. I always instinctively go for nudes a…

Skincare Secrets: Cleanse, Jolt And Juice

There's more to skin health than just slapping on a bit of moisturiser every now and again. Diet, lifestyle and a good skincare regime all contribute to the overall appearance of our complexion. So, if we want to improve the condition of our skin and continue to look youthful, fresh-faced and blemish-free as we age, it's important to invest in our general health and choose a skincare regime that works for us.

Our skin is irreplaceable. It does an amazing job at protecting us but life is not always as kind. It endures so many different stresses on a daily basis and whether you're 21, 41 or 61, your skin will benefit from a bit of love. Well-protected and nourished skin will remain healthier for longer and will have a more youthful appearance. Let's face it, we would all like to still look good when we're pensioners.

So, to slow down the inevitable process of ageing, Time Bomb has created a collection of breakthrough formulas to help us 'stop the clock'. The ra…

Weekend Treat: Maison Talbooth


Talking Fashion With Lucy Watson

With a gorgeous jewellery collection, a successful book and an envious amount of sassiness and style, Lucy Watson has proved that she is more than just a reality TV star. So, I met with the Made In Chelsea knockout at a swanky East London hotel to talk fashion and her style inspiration.

You were previously the face of Lipsy’s VIP collection. Do you shop on the high street or do you prefer to buy designer labels?
Yes, I do shop on the high street. I do both. I tend to buy my clothes from the high street, I love All Saints and Zara. When I buy handbags or investment pieces, I get them from a designer.
What are your top tips for mixing the two together? 
If it’s an investment piece like handbags or shoes, then it’s worth it to spend a bit more money. For me, clothes come and go through summer and winter so they don’t last as long as an investment piece.
In three words, how would you describe your style?
I guess it’s a little bit punky, a bit boho but it still has a girly edge to it.
What are yo…