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Spring Beauty Picks: Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range

It's officially Spring and I couldn't be any happier! It's as if the whole world has suddenly woken up from its winter slumber. The days are drawing out. The sun is shining brighter. Strawberries are in season... Life is good!

With vibrant colours brightening up my days again and a glorious spring in my step, it occurred to me that my makeup bag would appreciate a new splash of colour.

Being such a beauty addict, I'm always on the lookout for new brands to try and during a recent beauty haul, I discovered the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range. Like a magpie, I was instantly attracted to the range by the beautiful gold art deco packaging, which simply exudes elegance and glamour. 

After testing some of the Divine Lips Lipstick shades against my skin, I admired how creamy they were and how gorgeous they looked. My favourite shades were Bella and Lara; two of the new fun, fresh and flirty shades in the collection, which are available as lipsticks or nail varnishes. There were never two colours that were this perfect for Spring. 

Left: Bella                                                  Right: Lara
No look is ever complete without a lipstick.

I'm someone who likes to have options, so I just had to have them both! Bella is a soft, natural pink shade which is perfect for those who like pale lipsticks with a difference, while Lara is a luxurious, warm coral shade that simply screams summer lovin'. Both colours are really hydrating and give my lips an irresistible shine, which is why they deserve their place in my makeup bag. 

After wearing both shades, the Lara shade is my favourite as it gives a nice warm glow to my skin (and coral lipsticks always make me feel like I'm on holiday). As I'm pretty pale with pink undertones, the Bella shade really complements my skin so this is a great lipstick for more subtle, everyday look.

Bella Divine Lips Lipstick
Lara Divine Lips Lipstick

For those times when a lady wants to go all-out glamour puss, it's only sensible that she buys the same shade nail varnish as she has lipstick. So, naturally, I bought the Bella and Lara Nail Lacquer shades too. Like the Divine Lips Lipsticks, the Nail Lacquer varnishes give fantastic, glossy colour, which looks amazing after two coats (the colours are fairly light after the first coat). They're really easy to apply and leave a smooth, streak-free finish. 

      Left: Bella                                                                   Right: Lara   

So, if you're looking for vibrant, new colours to add a bit of Spring glamour to your beauty regime, I would definitely recommend the Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Range. 

Divine Lips Lipstick £18
Nail Lacquer £13

Available at Urban Retreat, Harrods.

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  1. These colours look so pretty! I loved your review :)


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