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Sophisticated Street Food: Suvlaki, London

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf 

Last week, my boyfriend and I visited Suvlaki, an authentic Athenian restaurant located in the heart of Soho. A very intimate restaurant setting with just 34 covers, Suvlaki prides itself on offering a traditional taste of Greece, serving a delicious selection of popular Greek street food with a sophisticated twist.

'Souvlaki', meaning little skewer or stick, has been a popular street food in Greece for centuries. Meat is grilled on a skewer and traditionally served with pitta, salad and tzatziki. Keen to introduce this much-loved Greek cuisine to the British public, Suvlaki opened its doors in 2015 drawing on the street food as inspiration for their current menu. 

On arrival, we were greeted by the manager and shown to our seats (7pm on an unassuming Tuesday night and the restaurant was already full). With soft jazz playing, graffiti-covered the walls, marble table tops and snazzy low-level lighting, Suvlaki oozes cool.

While perusing the menu, we chose our drinks: a Fix lager for the Mr and a lovely glass of the Alpha Estate Malagouzia, a Greek wine, for myself. After getting the down-low of the menu from our waiter, we placed our order. We knew we were in for a right Greek treat!

With a selection of interesting small plates for starters, we eased ourselves in gently with a portion of Kalamata olives served with pitta and olive oil and pulled pork crostini, made with succulent pork collar and red wine, served on a toasted pitta, topped with chilli flakes and feta.

Simple yet so tasty, the pulled pork crostini awakened our taste buds. The meat was lovely and tender, while the hint of chilli made sure that was a dish that you wouldn't forget. We happily nibbled away, enjoying the fresh taste of the Mediterranean and eyeing up the other dishes as they left the kitchen.

A few moments later, our impressive main arrived. We had decided to share the Suvlaki Exuberance, a tasting platter of skewers, burgers, wraps and sides, as this meant we could sample a large part of the menu in one sitting. Our platter included:

1 Wild Boar sausage skewer
1 Chicken Thigh skewer
2 Greek Burgers stuffed with feta
1 Vegetarian Wrap
1 Pork Wrap
Baked feta
Lentil salad
Greek salad

Wild Boar Sausage and Chicken Thigh Skewers with Greek Burgers
Lentil Salad
Baked Feta topped with Red Onion, Cherry Tomatoes and Parsley
Greek Salad
Fresh Chips sprinkled with Oregano
All elements of the platter were delicious. Our whole table was bursting with fresh, tasty, honest food. We started off with the skewers, which were cooked and seasoned to perfection. Next, we tucked into the wraps, while sampling the salads and sides. The lentil salad, made with florina pepper, spring onion, crumbled feta and balsamic vinegar, was simply divine and the texture of the baked feta was lovely.

Last but not least, we devoured the Greek burgers, which were stuffed with feta. Feta overload, you may be thinking? Definitely not! The different ways the cheese was used throughout this meal meant that each dish was accentuated by the feta and appreciated in the context of its own plate. We loved every mouthful! The thought behind each dish is evident and the composition of the Suvlaki Exuberance platter is extremely satisfying and creates a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

"Samos To Soho" Cheesecake and Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Even though we were both bursting at the seams after such a delicious main course, I am not one to resist a dessert. With my boyfriend not really being a dessert man, I chose two for us to share (meaning, I chose the two that I wanted most). I opted for the "Samos To Soho" Cheesecake, a new addition to the menu, and the Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

Being a bit of a cheesecake connoisseur, I naturally dived into this first. With wild Greek honey, candied ginger, citrus and meringue, it was fresh and luxuriously thick without being too heavy. After devouring most of the cheesecake (it was simply too good to share), my spoon made its way over to the Chocolate Biscuit Cake.

Paired with homemade Greek coffee ice-cream, this dessert is ideal for those who want something a little lighter. Although it is made with chocolate, it has a good ratio of biscuit to chocolate, leaving you feeling sweetly satisfied without the stodge. They were both utterly delicious but for me, the cheesecake hit a few more of the right notes.

Overall, our experience at Suvlaki was superb. The waiting staff were friendly, informative and efficient. The restaurant ambience was buzzing without being overpowering and the star of the show - the food - was a delicious change to the cuisines we usually eat.

Greek of the Week   :)

Starters from £2.50
Mains from £8
Suvlaki Exuberance £34

Opening Times:
Monday - Thursday 12pm - 11.30pm
Friday - Saturday 12pm - 12am
Sunday 12pm - 10.30pm

21 Bateman St, London, W1D 3AL


  1. Oh gosh, looking at the photos makes me want to eat all of them. i am a complete foodie and love trying street foods rather than hotels. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. All that food looks delicious, I love Greek style and tapas style food and this post has made me incredibly hungry! Street food is the best kind, fresh, local and yummy!

  3. I rarely eat at Greek restaurants, and this post realky made me want to try one! The 'Samos to Soho'looks divine!!

  4. All those dishes look amazing!! I would especially love to try those desserts :)

  5. Everything looks delicious!! I love everything Greek style and the deserts looks absolutely amazing. If I'm ever in London, I will be making a stop here.

  6. This looks like a great restaurant and a fun date night! I feel full just looking at the pictures! Yum!

  7. Although I have never tried Greek food, I have always been fascinated by Feta cheese, wondering how it tastes. All the pictures show dollops of Feta cheese which is way too inviting :) I love the portions, there's so much in that Suvlaki Exuberance! Very detailed post which shows the writers' love for food.

    Also, the lentil salad is something very similar to the one found in India made with chickpeas (at least it looks the same)

  8. As Greek myself I don't tend to eat in Greek restaurants in London as they are overpriced, but this one seems very good so i might give it a go.

  9. I have never eaten Greek food. All of this looks and sounds amazing, especially the wild boar sausage skewers!

  10. I'm a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to trying new food. But if this is what Greek food looks like, I might give it a go, especially the pulled pork crostini.

  11. I love eating street food when I visit places. I am not sure I could try the wild boar are brave!

  12. Oh, I love this kind of food! Haven't been to Greece for a while - really missing Greek food, especially tsatsiki, souvlaki, dolmades... just name it! Next time in london have to pop in to this place :)

  13. Wow .. Such yumm food. Just looking at pics I am hungry!
    " boyfriend not really being a dessert man" don't you just love that when you get to choose both the desserts :)

  14. I've never been to an Athenian restaurant before but this looks so yummy and colourful! Will check this out when I'm back in London :)

  15. This restaurant looks amazing and all these dishes looks delicious. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

  16. That all looks so delicious! If I were a meat eater - I'd be all over this kind of food! :) I bet my boyfriend would really enjoy it.

  17. Aw! I really want to try Greek food. This looks so delicious!


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