How To Create The Perfect Metallic Moment

All that glitters isn't gold. Sometimes, it's eyeliner.

I usually associate metallic makeup looks with festivals, dressing up and overly glam evening makeup. Although I am partial to the odd bit of shimmer, I'm not exactly what you'd call a glitter-holic, especially when it comes to everyday makeup. So, when I was introduced to the new Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners, I didn't immediately think that they'd be something I'd use on a day-to-day basis. But I've had a change of heart.

Eye Of Horus creates makeup that draws on inspiration from the Goddesses of Ancient Egypt. Using  sacred ingredients from the Ancient world, including organic moringa oil, they strive to awaken the Goddess in all women with beauty products that contain illuminating mineral pigments. Think gloriously glowing gold, precious pewter and bewitching bronze....

Available in Alchemy Gold, Imperial Bronze, Ancient Pewter and Copper Sphinx, their new Liquid Metal Eyeliner range is something to be desired. With a precision, felt-tip applicator, each liner delivers an illuminating metallic mineral pigment that effortlessly highlights the eyes. Smudge-free and long-lasting, they're perfect for adding gorgeous and sophisticated splashes of colour to your much-loved makeup looks. (To get the best effect, it's recommended that you shake the eyeliner before use incase any of that precious pigment has sunk to the bottom.)

Below, I've created three looks using all four of the Liquid Metal Eyeliners that will hopefully inspire you to work some metallic magic into your makeup. 

For my first look, I've given the smokey eye a metallic makeover and added a line of Imperial Bronze Liquid Metallic Liner above my upper lashes. To create a really deep smokey eye, I applied a thin line of Rimmel GlamEyes Liquid Liner in black first, then another thin line in Imperial Bronze Liquid Metallic Liner to make the eye 'pop'. I finished my eyelashes with Diorshow Blackout Mascara and defined my brows using No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Sculpting Pencil in brown.

For my second look, I created a subtle daytime look using the Ancient Pewter Liquid Metal Liner. I used a soft nude / silver colour on the base of my eyelids and lined my eyes using Rimmel GlamEyes Liquid Liner in black. Then, I applied a thin line of the Ancient Pewter Liquid Metal Liner above the black eyeliner and finished my eyelashes with a sweep of Diorshow Blackout Mascara. I complemented the eye with a dusty pink lipstick.

My third look uses two of the Liquid Metal Liners: Alchemy Gold and Sphinx CopperFirst, I created a soft smokey eye with gold and light brown eyeshadows then applied the Sphinx Copper Liquid Metal Liner to my upper eyelid. After lining my lower lashes with No7 Stay Perfect Amazing Eyes eyeliner in black, I applied Alchemy Gold underneath and dusted a gold eyeshadow on top to blend. As the eyes are the focus of this look, I chose a nude matte lipstick to finish it off.

Are you a fan of metallic makeup?


  1. These do look great, I would never have thought of using a metallic eye liner but I'm impressed. These really look good!

  2. while I am not one to wear flashy type of makeup, I am surprised how great that looks on you. Maybe I should get out of my rut? Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I think the first look is my favourite its dramatic but not OTT. Love and this brand looks fantastic too.

  4. I would totally go for Ancient Pewter and shock everybody that I know haha. My look is normally muted and natural so metallic would be a new look for me. And smudge proof too! That's always nice.

  5. Loving these shades! I've never used a metallic colored eyeliner before. It's perfect for night outs or for music festivals during the summer!

  6. Ok so now you have me wanting to try these metallic eyeliners! Something a little different then my daily routine...,,

  7. I love the shimmer in this! I totally want to give it a shot now. Fabulous!

  8. love the shimmers... the shades are amazing!

  9. I like shimmers but not sure if they look good on me because of all my wrinkles. Anyway, I would love to try that copper one:)

  10. I have a few metallic eye liners, but I don't really use them much. You look amazing!

  11. I would love to try this out! My first thought was also that I wouldn't wear it on daily basis, but since you said you had a change of heart I don't know why I wouldn't. Nice shades by the why!

  12. I really love metallic looks so I really enjoyed reading this post!


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