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My Top 5 Tips For Ultimate Beach #BodyConfidence

When we think of hitting the beach, the idyllic scenery and relaxed vibes are not usually the first things that come to mind. Instead, we obsess about whether or not we deem ourselves to be 'beach body ready' until the time comes for us to actually take our bodies to the beach. 

For many of us, the thought of wearing nothing but a skimpy Lyrca two-piece in front of strangers can be rather daunting. So, here are my top 5 tips for instilling ultimate beach #bodyconfidence and helping you feel positively fierce with everything on display.

1. Invest in the right bikini for you.

We're all 'beach body ready', regardless what the media might tell us, but that doesn't make baring all on the beach any easier. Many of us harbour insecurities about the way we look, whether we wish we had longer legs, flatter stomachs, bigger boobs, smaller waists or bigger bums - the grass always seems to be greener. But instead of focusing on what we haven't got, it's time we make peace with ourselves and start loving what we have got. For me, feeling #bodyconfident starts with finding the perfect bikini so be true to your body shape and wear a bikini that works for you because if you feel comfortable, you'll feel confident.

2. Have a kaftan at hand. 

For those moments when your inner Sasha Fierce is sleeping and you need a bit of support in your semi-naked state, drape a gorgeous kaftan over your shoulders and watch your confidence soar. Our insecurities get the better of us at the most inconvenient times but it's about being prepared when emotions run high. With so many different styles on the high street, you're guaranteed to find one that makes you feel like a Middle Eastern princess. I always look for sheer kaftans that have beautiful patterns as they'll keep you cool in the heat but offer enough coverage to make you feel #bodyconfident. And let's be honest - sheer is sexy.

3. Fake it before you make it.

Some people may hate the idea of getting a fake tan (the biscuit smell, the orange hands, the unwanted streaks) but I feel a million times better about getting my kit off with bronzed skin. Despite my Spanish heritage, I was blessed with a very pink English Rose complexion that I've never been very fond of. It just doesn't work for me. So, rather than putting my skin under any unnecessary strain, I choose to fake it. Done properly, self tan is a great way to get that saught-after, sun-kissed glow and I highly recommend St. Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse in medium (£4 from Boots). After exfoliating, apply it all over with a tanning mitt and wash off after 6-8hrs.

4. Embrace your bare-faced beauty.

There is no place for a full face of makeup and glamorous hair when hitting the beach; it's all about bare-faced beauty (but that doesn't mean you can't give yourself a little helping hand to perfect your low-maintenance, barely-there look). One thing that accentuates a naturally beautiful face is naturally beautiful hair, so create envious beach hair by keeping it in tip-top condition. Like skin, hair can become damaged in the heat so to make sure it looks fabulous all day long, keep it hydrated with oil-based products. I've used Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment (£29.95 for 125ml) and Macadamia Healing Oil Spray (£24.80 for 125ml) for years and I absolutely love them. Not only do they both smell amazing, they provide natural UV protection, intense nourishment and a frizz-free finish so no need to avoid the sea.

5. Be a mountain.

The way we hold ourselves says a lot about the way we feel about ourselves. If we're feeling low, we naturally withdraw, meaning that we slouch and create barriers with our bodies as a form of protection. So in our minds, standing tall instantly creates the sense that we're confident in ourselves - even if we're not. As well as having a positive effect on our confidence, practising the Mountain Pose (as it's called in yoga) instantly makes your body look more streamlined while promoting feelings of calm and increasing strength so never underestimate the power of good posture.

What makes you feel #bodyconfident?


  1. Great post. As I have got older, I can definitely relate to bikini insecurities and you have given some really lovely ways to feel more confident. Be the mountain!

  2. My recipe for bikini body is more simple:

    1. Put bikini on (a cheap one, because paying gazzilion dollars for pants and two triangles tied with a string is an exaggeration).
    2. Apply sunscreen on your white buttocks (tan is overrated, and certainly not as healthy as we think. And I get badly burnt.).
    3. Enjoy and feel beautiful. Not even Victoria's Secret models look like VS models in real life, so why would you? Let them lo and behold your bikini body, no matter the size!


  3. those are amazing, confidence boosting tips - love it. I am a big proponent of having some kind of cover-up, especially one as beautiful as you have shown here. Nice post!


  4. I do feel uncomfortable in my body, especially in a bikini but I love to wear kimono's as a coverup which makes me feel a little better.

  5. I absolutely love this post! I am all about body confidence. I also love that kaftan idea. It is perfect!


  6. These are great tips. Having a swimsuit that compliments your body shape would make any woman feel confident. I think it's important to make yourself comfortable as well, not being comfy only lessens your confidence.

  7. Wonderful tips! With a bikini or swimsuits that fits well and having a kaftan already makes me feeling better. It's so great that you mentioned how important it is to have a good posture!

  8. Some people are confident in bikini some are not, and you gave such fabulous tips including Mountain pose to overcome the unsecure.Love the kaftan!

  9. I was pretty much stay af home on Summer type of person, and then I took baby steps. I am pretty antisocial or just lazy, and then I started going with like to friend on the canal. You have seperate breakwaters there and we were all buy ourselves. Next week I actually went swimming in the city pools. So yeah, I'm in progress

  10. This absolutely amazing article definitely confidence is key to success from bikini to career in whatever you want to do in life, Thank you for sharing this :D

  11. I really don't like wearing bikinis unless I have somethinf on top but I guess I should step up my confidence

  12. I really don't like wearing bikinis unless I have somethinf on top but I guess I should step up my confidence

  13. I like what you say about being a mountain. I am not one for bikinis, but I do love the color of this one!

    Ivelisse |


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