Hair Rehab: Vatika Naturals Wild Cactus Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

 “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” 

Over the years, I've become very attached to my hair. I invest so much time and effort into it that I treat it as I would a small child. I've grown it, I care for it, I love it and we will live happily together as one.

Although I love having long hair, keeping it in tip top condition can be quite a chore. The responsibility is tremendous but it's one thing in life that is 100% reliable. Wash it vigorously and it will break. Wash it too often and it will lose its natural oils. Wash it with the wrong products and it won't get the nourishment it needs...

But treat it right and it will shine like a star.

Yes, I may often hate the thought of having to spend an hour just washing, conditioning and drying my hair (forget about styling!) but the fact that I'm left with soft, shiny, gorgeous smelling hair that I can swish around makes it all worth while (I know you all do it too).

On top of my normal hair washing routine, I use a hair mask every week to prevent my ends from becoming damaged. As a self-confessed oil addict, I instinctively choose products that contain well-known oils such as argan, coconut or macadamia but for the past month, wild cactus has been on the agenda - and I may just be converted.

Enriched with natural ingredients, Vatika Naturals Hair Products provide nourishment for all hair types, while balancing the nutrients within the hair that are required for health and vitality. With an extensive range of products, they provide a remedy for the most common of hair woes by drawing on Ancient ingredients including henna, wild cactus, lemon, garlic and rosemary.

I was introduced to Vatika at a press event and was very interested in their all-natural approach. After assessing the condition of my hair and browsing their website, I decided to try the Wild Cactus Deep Conditioning Hair Mask.

High in omega fatty acid, cactus oil has been found to prevent hair loss, promote shiny hair and encourage hair growth. Because of the low moisture environments in which cacti thrive, the oil has a high concentration of vitamin B5 which allows the plant to store water for incredibly long periods of time. This property means that it's a naturally effective moisturiser, offering lasting protection to weak hair. 

To apply the hair mask, wash hair as normal then apply the mask all over and wrap in a towel. Wait for 15-20mins then wash off. I then condition the hair as normal as I like to give my hair as much nourishment as possible. 

The Verdict:

I didn't expect to like using the Vatika Wild Cactus Deep Conditioning Hair Mask as much as I do. First things first, I wasn't too keen on the branding as it doesn't say 'luxury' product and that's what I expect a hair mask to be. Nevertheless, the consistency of the hair product is good; it feels a little bit gloopy but it's easy to work into the hair. It also smells gorgeous and fresh and at only £5.99, it's very affordable.

After drying, my hair feels amazing: it's super soft, super shiny and smells lovely. Sometimes with using heavier hair products, you have to work that little bit harder to ensure you've washed it out completely but with Vatika, there is never any remnant of the product which makes hair feel light, sleek and manageable. What's great is that this feeling lasts for 3+ days so my hair still feels protected during this time - and still looks freshly washed.

So, if you're looking for a cheaper but effective all-natural hair mask, try Vatika.

What are your favourite hair products?


  1. This hair mask looks so good! I have never seen a mask with cactus but it looks good!

  2. Mask with a cactus?! Hey its intriguing, your hair looks so shiny and healthy i might give it a go and is also pretty cheap. x

  3. This hair mask looks great. I haven't seen cactus oil being used before, will this be the new argan oil I wonder?

  4. Your hair is gorgeous, I am so jealous. I have just had a bad hair cut so am feeling extra sensitive!

  5. Your hair is my hair goals! I must try this hair mask ASAP! Thank you for sharing1

  6. wow wow wow, your hair is awesome, looks full, thick and rich... am a guy buy i admire your hair so much i wish they were mine, and for the product... its a good one.

  7. I've never tried a hair care product that gave the same results. Your hair looks so hydrated and healthy. It's really amazing!

  8. Wow your hair is so sleek and shiny! I've never used a long hair mask before but I must try it.

  9. I've never tired a hair mask before but been curious. This looks amazing, must give it a go.

  10. Wow. The photo explains it well. It does look so soft and great that it smells good.

  11. Your hair looks absolutely incredible! That mask is working beautifully. Wow!

  12. Cactus! Sounds novel but those benefits sound amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Vatika is a very common brand from one of the leading FMCG's from India, Dabur. You are right it's not a luxury brand as it's available in every supermarket in India. However I am impressed with the results. I will try it myself too.

  14. What a great review! I need to start taking better care of my hair and think a conditioning mask would be a great addition to my regimen.

  15. I've never tried anything from this brand but it looks fab. You hair looks so shiny!

  16. Oh, this sounds great! i love using hair mask and now when I have found cactus as my new favourite (in smoothies) this mask is a must for me :)


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