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Up, Close And Personal: SmoothSkin Gold IPL Trial

If the human body makes you squeamish, look away now... Because this is about to get personal.
I came into this world - tiny, pink and squealing - with a full head of thick, dark hair and resembling a baby monkey. As all babies are in this world, I was coo-ed and ahh-ed over and thanks to the wealth of hair that my head already possessed at birth, my sex was never questioned. Yet, little did I know of the impact that my body's ability to produce so much hair would have later on life and that I'd be in for years of hair-related stress.
Now, I'm not talking about the hair on my head here. In fact, I'm very fond of my long natural brunette locks. I'm talking about body hair. From a very young age, I was conscious of how hairy I was compared to all of the other girls my age. Being half-Spanish and naturally dark haired with pale skin meant my dark body hair was extremely noticeable and the thought of having to expose my hairy secret to the world terrified me deep to my…

Eating Happy: Protein Pancakes

I've never been the type of girl who eats pancakes for breakfast. Filling up on sickly, sweet stodge is definitely not how I choose to start my day. And since giving up meat over 5 months ago, I'm even more conscious of how much protein I'm eating, which doesn't leave room for sweet nothings. Most of my morning meals are egg or bean-based, savoury being what my tastebuds desire first thing...
But there are only so many poached eggs I can eat before I feel like I'm living in Groundhog Day.
So this week, I've been thinking of ways to make my breakfasts a little bit more interesting but still packed with protein. I'm not sure why pancakes came to mind, especially as we know sweet is not in my morning vocabulary (I only eat them as a rare treat when my boyfriend makes them for dessert - he is the Crepe King after all) - but they did, and the idea wouldn't go away.
If you search #ProteinPancakes on Instagram, you will realise that pancakes aren't just th…

Squirrel Snacks: Nutty Protein Balls

My first thought when I wake up on a morning is not:  Look at my gorgeous boyfriend sleeping peacefully next to me, I'm so lucky...  It's What am I going to eat today?
It's true, I'm a foodie fanatic and a serial snacker and for me, 'hanger' is not in my vocabulary. If I know I'm going to be busy, I squirrel snacks away in my bag for when hunger strikes. Rather than grab a chocolate bar, a pastry or any other equally delicious (but rather unhealthy) snack, I try and keep a healthier selection of nibbles close by. (Although, don't be fooled that I don't eat these things - I definitely do, who can resist an almond croissant?)

On a day-to-day basis, my go-to healthy treats are raw unsalted nuts as they're quick, easy and packed full of goodness. But as much as I love them, they can get a bit repetitive so to mix things up a bit, I thought I'd have a go at rolling them into protein-filled, bite-sized balls that I can take with me anywhere - and …

Contour Confidence: Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette

For as long as I've worn makeup, I've been a dedicated blusher user. There were a few years in my life when I thought I could pull off wearing bronzer (because every girl in my school wore bronzer and I was desperate to look like I, too, had an all-year round tan) but with a pale pink complexion, I've learned to realise that my face is better suited to a pinker cheek sculptor. 
Fast forward to 2016 and gone are the days where we immaturely dab a bit of blusher on our cheeks to give us a rosy glow. Now, every makeup wearer seems to use approximately 1000 different makeup tools to achieve their 'everyday look' and be an expert in contouring. The former - I can definitely relate. I have so many different makeup applicators, it's becoming an unhealthy obsession (my BeautyBlender is currently my life). The latter, however, I don't profess to posses the skills of a contouring Queen but thanks to my Sleek Face Form Contouring And Blush Palette in Fair, I'm ar…