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To Infinity And Beyond: A Little Surprise From

Infinity is one of those words that we won't ever truly understand. 

We know its meaning, 'to be limitless or endless in space, extent or size' - but how can this definition translate in a world where everything is calculated around us? We live our lives surrounded by metrics, reaching defined endings and creating new beginnings. Forever just a word on our lips.

From birth, Life already has a plan, giving us 2 parents, 2.4 children, 1 house, 2 cars, 1.6 dogs, 2.1 cats, 14 years of schooling, 1 year travelling the world, 3 years at University, 4.7 partners before The One, 14.5 months of engagement, 11.3 years of happy marriage, 33% chance of divorce, 10 jobs, 18 years of retirement....
And approximately 81.5 years to make our mark.

So let's consider the age-old question, the question used to define who we are and what we're to become: What do you want to be when you grow up? Honestly, I could never decide. My answer changed, and still changes, dependent on my mood or passion or level of curiosity.

When I was 5, I wanted to be a mermaid, a decision influenced entirely by my love for The Little Mermaid. When I realised it wasn't physically possible for me to grow a mermaid fin (and even if it were, that my life would be somewhat restricted as a mermaid), I considered becoming a vet. That is, until my cat got ran over one Christmas Eve and I crumbled at the sight of her pain (spoiler alert: she lived until she was 21).

Since then, I've considered the life of a Physiotherapist, a Nutritionist, a Performer, a Copywriter, a Speech and Language Therapist, a Journalist, a TV Researcher, a PR Manager, a Lingerie Designer and a Children's Writer to name a few. And as I approach the wrong side of 20, I still don't have a defined road for my 81.5 years and I don't think I want one. I love to learn and I love to love so I never want to feel confined to one decision, so I suppose that's my infinity.

When we can't understand a concept through its lyrical form, the meaning becomes transient. But a symbol can speak a different language, one that's simple and raw, yet represents all of its complexities. The infinity symbol is one single, never-ending loop; a sideways figure of eight which holds the most powerful meaning inside an elegant design.

When I came across the Rose Gold Dipped Sterling Silver Infinity Necklace on, I had to have it. Packaged in the cutest, paper packaging tied with a black and white string and a printed tag, I can honestly say I've never received such a pretty parcel. After admiring it for about a week, I delicately opened it, trying my best to preserve its beautiful wrapping.

Inside was the daintiest necklace in a soft shade of rose gold, carrying the infinity symbol at its heart. Delicate, effortless and powerful. A necklace that subtly commands attention without being obnoxious. A necklace that symbolises you have the world at your feet around your neck. A necklace that proves you don't have to be confined to a box and that whatever your interpretation of infinity may be, your life, your dreams and your love is limitless. 

What are your thoughts on infinity?

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