Up, Close And Personal: SmoothSkin Gold IPL Trial Week 7

 If the human body makes you squeamish, look away now...
Because this is about to get personal.

7 weeks ago, I started my permanent hair removal trial on my legs, underarms and bikini area with the SmoothSkin Gold IPL device. If you missed out on my introductory blog, you can read it here. I've already mentioned in great detail how self-conscious I am of my body hair; we just don't get on and we never will so quite frankly, I'd much rather it didn't exist at all. That's the ultimate goal, anyway and that's why I'm dabbling with the SmoothSkin device.

With an open mind, an overly hairy disposition and a sprinkle of optimism, I started on a journey that has the potential to reduce my hair growth but to what extent is unknown. The SmoothSkin Gold IPL device claims to be one of the most powerful home-use ILP devices on the market and can treat unwanted hairs within minutes but of course, every hair is different.

So before using the SmoothSkin Gold IPL device, I documented the hair growth on my legs, underarms and bikini area with the knowledge that I would want to track my progress pre-IPL and throughout the trial. I visually monitored my progress week by week until I started seeing results that would translate on camera, which happened to be at Week 7 - just over half way through the suggested 12 week treatment programme.

Yet looking at the photographs - even as I'm about to press 'Publish', I'm not sure I have the courage to post them on my blog. Although it's one of the most natural things in the world, body hair makes me squeamish. No, let me rephrase that. My body hair makes me squeamish. It's made me so self-conscious for so many years that I'm programmed to feel disgusted by it.

It's not about anybody else. I would never judge somebody for being hairy because I understand the pain it can cause. It's about me and my relationship with my own body hair. But to recognise the results of the IPL treatment, you need some sort of photographic evidence, otherwise the effort is futile. The fact of the matter is that if this series of hair-related posts helps only one person to feel better about their own body hair or to find a hair reduction solution that's suitable for them, then it's worth the embarrassment of a few photos.

So without further ado, here are my results to date:

Week 0                                                                          Week 7

Week 0                                                              Week 7

First of all, it's worth relaying that the treatment process is quick, really easy and almost pain-free. The only requirement before you start a treatment session is to shave and then to zap away in a stamping motion for maximum precision. In terms of time, I can zap my whole bikini area and my underarms in less than 10 minutes and the device also has a 'gentle mode' button which reduces the energy released to benefit those who have sensitive skin.

Moving swiftly back to my results so far, I found that the treatment worked so quickly on my legs that I'm only having to zap them every two weeks. The hairs have also become so fair that my camera couldn't detect them so please excuse my lack of evidence. The treatment on my underarms is also showing good progress so far. As you can see, there are patches of hair that are noticeably thinner and it's also possible to see areas where the hair is not growing back at all.

However, the hair on my bikini area is a lot more coarse than anywhere else on my body and it's taking longer to disable the hair follicles. There is still progress and hair growth is reduced but my hair in this area is so strong (I also have more than one hair per follicle), which means more cycles to destroy and more time needed to destroy them.

So far, I'm happy with the treatment process and my results and I'm confident that I'll see a greater reduction in hair growth as I approach Week 12. 

To be continued...

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