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Belgian Bistros: A Guide To Eating Out In Bruges

“After a full belly all is poetry.”  ― Frank McCourt
For me, one of the most exciting things about travelling is living like a local - and that means eating like a local too. I love food at the best of times but when I'm somewhere new and exciting, my taste buds go into overdrive! Whether I'm tucking into a culinary masterpiece created by top Michelin star chef or some local street food from a roadside truck, it all adds to the flavour of the experience. 
And my time in Bruges recently was no different. So without further ado, here's a little list of the places that you should stop by, if you're ever in Bruges, to taste what Belgian really has to offer. 
Fred's Belgian Waffles

Located just off the Markt, Fred's Belgian Waffles is the perfect place for you to get your Belgian waffle fix on the go. With over 27 years in the waffle industry, Fred knows exactly how waffles should be done - the Belgian way. Whether you're craving plain waffles, caramel waffles, wa…