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Eating Out In St Albans: The Great Northern Restaurant & Pub

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 
― George Bernard Shaw

Living so close to London, I often forget there's a food scene happening outside of the capital. Yes, I can't deny that London has a very appetising culinary culture and - rightly so - it's easy to be seduced by the exotic menus, the fusion of cuisines, the unusual ingredients and of course, the enviable Instagrammable interiors that she has to offer but there really is life beyond zone 2.

When it comes to seeking out good food, there is no road too long for me to travel (unless I'm hangry). My boyfriend and I spend much of our free time together embarking on food pilgrimages, travelling as far and wide as humanly possible in search of new and exciting culinary experiences. So when we were offered the opportunity to dine at The Great Northern Restaurant & Pub in St Albans, we jumped straight on the train out of St Pancras and prepared ourselves for a feast of Great British fare with a twist.