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From London To Lancashire: Mitton Hall Hotel

"The country habit has me by the heart" - Vita Sackville West
I can honestly say that Clitheroe has never been a place on my travel bucket list and until last week, I was blissfully unaware of its existence. But after stumbling across images of a stunning 15th Century country house hotel set in the heart of a tiny parish called Little Mitton, we decided to travel up North to find out more about this grade II listed building and the elusive Clitheroe. Forever seeking a new adventure, we said goodbye to London and embarked on a 4-hour drive to Lancashire, where Mitton Hall was to become our home for a night.

The quaint Northern village of Clitheroe, home to approximately 16,000 inhabitants, is a hikers’ haven; nestled deep in the Ribble Valley surrounded by miles of rolling hills, it’s an idyllic escape for every man and his dog (figuratively and literally speaking); a place where nature cleanses the soul and troubles are left on the motorway. You’ll find sheep grazing peacefu…