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Canadian Cuisine: A Guide To Eating Out In Calgary If You're Not A Meat-Eater

"The best way to know a city is to eat it." — Scott Westerfeld
After eating our way around Vancouver last year, Tom and I fell completely in love with the Canadian food scene. Contrary to popular belief, it's not all poutine, butter tarts and maple syrup (although they're all very delicious in their own right); no, dining out in Canada is all about creating interesting dishes with locally grown ingredients, tucking into hearty portions and having a jolly good time with your besties. So, having enjoyed Vancouver so much, we decided to delve into Canadian cuisine a little deeper and eat through a few more of her largest cities, starting our culinary tour in Calgary, Alberta.

Known affectionally as Cowtown, Calgary is one of the largest beef producers in the world, so it sounds like it's a great place to eat out if you're a meat-eater - but what if you're not? Having given up meat three years ago, I make it my mission to seek out restaurants that can satisfy…